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The art of Kung Fu San Soo lies not in victory or defeat but rather the building of human character -
Grand Master
Jimmy H. Woo

Is the longest operating martial arts school in Nevada County, and has been offering classes for men, women, and children since 1989.  We specialize in working with children not only teaching them self defense, but to build confidence, self esteem, and self discipline.  Kung Fu San Soo develops balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength, along with a strong focus in self defense for all ages.  San Soo is respected as one of the most effective self defense systems in the world.  San Soo is used to train law enforcement and the special forces in the US Military.  Kung Fu San Soo is a fighting style self defense martial art.  Students learn how to apply leverages, joint lock, strikes, kicks, knees, elbows, throws, and a variety of take downs.  Students also learn about the human anatomy, targets on the body and how the body reacts and responds when San Soo techniques are applied. 

History of Kung Fu San Soo
Respect, Confidence, Honor,
Discipline, Focus, & Agility
Little Dragons (Ages 3 - 4):


Our goal in this class is to develop large motor skills and coordination along with focus and concentration.  The students learn beginner Kung Fu skills and then they apply them to different games and drills that will challenge their overall dexterity.  We create a fun environment for the students and the students gain some valuable skills!

Junior Dragons (Ages 5 - 7):


The goal of this class, like the Little Dragons, is also overall physical and mental development.  However, the student  are also  introduced to  hand forms and age appropriate self defense techniques.  The students learn how to stand up for themselves if needed, they learn how to verbally defend themselves, and as a last resort, they learn about when it is OK or nor OK to physically protect themselves.  All of the self defense moves students learn at this age start with a loud "Let Go" or "Leave me Alone", and then some basic grab escapes without having to hurt another child.   The focus is not put into fighting, but rather into overall knowledge of the art. 


 Senior Dragons (Ages 8 - 14):

This class is a large step up from the Junior Dragons class.  While we strive to develop their agility, confidence, self esteem and self discipline.  The students learn some very effective, but age appropriate self defense techniques.  They learn the difference of defending themselves against another peer versus an adult.  The students are required to learn mandatory techniques that require a good degree of retention.  The students also study numerous hand forms, and as they progress through the belts, they will learn weapon forms using ancient Chinese Weapons.


 Open Adult Class (Ages 15 - and up):

This class is designed to cater to a variety of students, young or older, agile or not so flexible.  All the students learn and train at the pace that is most conducive to their learning the art.  Students learn a variety of self defense techniques, weapon defense, and gain a solid understanding of how to protect themselves and their family.  In addition, the training session can be very energetic and provide the students with an amazing cardio type work out.  So if you want to get in shape, learn some valuable self defense skills all while learning the art of San Soo, this is the perfect class.   Students will study a variety of Chinese weapons, and learn how to do multiple weapon and open hand forms.  One of the best compliments repeated by several students over the years is how from day one, they always felt / feel comfortable training in class, and they never encountered other students who were arrogant, intimidating.  But rather how they found all of the students - especially the advance students - were so friendly and extremely helpful! 



Seniors Adult Class (you pick your age!): 

This class is for adults that don't want to be taken down on the mat.  Students learn the same skills, techniques, hand forms, and weapon forms that they would in the Open Adult Class, but they do it without having to be thrown around or taken to the ground.  This is a perfect class for seniors who want to study the art, but their physical agility lends towards some limitatioin.  

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